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Our clinic offers the full range of dental services. These include tooth whitening, oral surgery, sedation dentistry, cosmetic tooth cleaning, provision of braces, aligners and other orthodontic services, Child and Family dentistry, oral implantology, dental fillings, root canal treatment, crowns, bridges, veneers and many more.

Scaling and Polishing (Tooth Cleaning)

This procedure doesn’t only make the teeth and gums cleaner but healthier. Dental plaque is responsible for tooth decay and infections of the tooth and its supporting structures. Scaling and polishing is the process through which dental plaque and tartar are removed from the teeth. It also serves to remove stains and debris from the surfaces of the teeth.

Dental Extraction

We try as much as possible not to extract teeth but there are few occasions when this is the best option for dealing with a dental deficit. We also extract wisdom teeth (third molars) when necessary, using standard minor surgery protocol.

Root Canal Treatment

When your tooth is severely infected or cracked, such that the nerve is involved and judged as suitable to be extracted we can decide not to extract. A root canal treatment may be done to repair it by taking out the infected contents of the tooth such as the nerves, blood vessels and infected debris. When this is done and the tooth shows no sign and symptoms of pain or discomfort, the root canals and the cavity are then filled.

Dental Crowns

They are caps typically worn on teeth that may be vulnerable to breakage during chewing or to mask stains. They are often rigidly fixed and cannot be removed by the patient.


They are multiple crowns fused together mainly to replace missing teeth. They are not removable by the patient. They usually offer several advantages over removable dentures especially in being stronger and occupy less space. Bridges also prevent movement of other teeth from growing into space where teeth have been removed.

Tooth Whitening

Are your teeth stained or naturally ‘dull’ in colour and you desire that perfect smile that will boosts your confidence? Then let’s make them whither professionally. In 40minutes you are stepping out beaming with that smile that opens doors

Sport Mouth Guard

Are you an athlete, involved in contact sports or any rigorous recreational activity? Then protect your smile with a sports mouth guard. Walk into our practice for one

Dental Fillings

We have a variety of dental filling materials to fill cavies or dents on the teeth. These include white filings. If you have a cavity, a white filling that blends with your tooth colour can be used to fill it. White fillings are of various types and they enhance your smile.


They are removable artificial teeth used to replace missing teeth. We make them as natural as possible. You can eat, speak and look good wearing them.


When your teeth are crooked or poorly arranged or in an abnormal position, we can correct the anomaly using special devices called braces. Aligners are a recent alternative for correcting poorly arrange teeth. They are ‘invisible’ when worn.

Emergency Dental Care

We are happy to care for several types of dental emergencies, including: Severe continuous tooth pain, dislodged fillings, crown or bridges, fractured teeth, injury to the tongue cheek, jaw, lips, gums, partially knocked-out teeth.

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